3X'ing Flewd Revenue While Keeping Stability

The Task

Flewd came to us at an early stage, asking for help and guidance to see growth for their subscription brand. They didn’t have a clear guide on growing their early stage brand, and needed the support and help of our team.

The Results

Flewd has grown 3X in revenue since partnering with ACTIV. The best part is they have increased their profitability and new customer return on ad spend drastically since then, allowing to expand to additional SKUs and invest in other parts of their business.

How We Did It

Focusing on our three step process of increasing AOV, building out strong conversion focused landing pages, and iterating on strong creative helped expand growth and has helped create a very profitable brand in a world of many brands being unprofitable. The whole team is clear on the P&L and we have clear growth targets and KPIs that keep us aligned.

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