Case Studies

Carnivore Snax

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Carnivore Snax is an incredible product and brand and the founder came to us wanting us to help scale their Tiktok account.

We began the partnership focusing on Tiktok, which we continually saw strong performance and scale.

Eventually, Mark, the co-founder of Carnivore Snax had us create their performance video creative for them.

Before ACTIV

Mark and his team worked with an agency that was doing decent work for them on Tiktok, but felt like there could be more in-depth work and expertise as they looked to scale their brand from 7 figures to 8 figures.

They had worked with an agency for several months, and decided to bring us on to help them grow their Tiktok ads.

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The analysis

A lot of the content that was running for Carnivore Snax did not key in on specific personas and relied on a couple really strong customer review videos to carry the account.

We knew that this was a sign of how we could double down on this, and so we built out a strong system to collect strong customer review videos from real customers.

The partnership

We’ve been working with Carnivore Snax for over 2 years now, and it has been a pleasure to sling these Snax. With such a stellar product, it has made it easy for us to be able to market, while having fun with the brand.

We started with Tiktok ad management, and then moved on to creative production. Much of the videos that are used in Tiktok are also used in Meta ads as well for Carnivore Snax.We’ve been able to consistently scale the ad spend for Carnivore Snax in Tiktok, where many others have had to pull back on the channel.

The major projects we focused on over our initial time together included:

  • Building out buyer personas that we felt would resonate and then partnering with customers or creators that reflected those personas
  • Creating the right scripts that spoke to the personas we were targeting
  • Building landing pages that helped increase overall AOV (average order value) and RPV (revenue per visitor)
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Testing New Creatives

With Tiktok, you need to have eye-catching and relatable content that gets attention and keeps attention.

Like this video.[insert video here]

Most of the top performing creatives were from real customers, so we went ahead and built an outreach process to get as many genuine video reviews as we could. We gave loose briefs to the customers so they knew if there was any language we wanted, and went to work.

We eventually built out personas that fit the customer profile well such as ‘Grizzly Man’ and ‘Protein-focused Gen Z’ - all of these personas we built, we went through a rigorous testing process and scaled up the ones that showed the most profitable spend and lowest CPAs and eventually transferred them to the Meta ad account.

Utilizing our favorite tools

Most of the tools we used center around creative strategy, competitive research, and creative analysis. There are tools we use including an ad tool called
Atria, Motion (creative analysis), as well as looking at the data through Triple Whale.

The Future of the Carnivore Snax

Carnivore Snax went through a tough time towards the beginning of 2024 due having to go through a bit of testing for approval from the government, which they eventually passed with flying colors. After that hiccup, we were able to continue to grow the ad account and scale.

Partnering with ACTIV

I think this is very important for a strong partnership. If you think you know better than us when it comes to running ads, then you’re probably not a good fit to work with us. But if you’re willing to help us understand your business, brand, customers, and metrics, then we may be a good fit working together.

Before we started working with Carnivore Snax, we were focused on many different types of brands. Now, we believe that the future of our agency needs to focus on a few elements:

  • Health & Wellness brand
  • Making a positive impact in the world
  • Founders are passionate about the brand
  • Founders are looking for a true partnership.

If that sounds like you, we would love to chat about working together and see if you could be the next amazing case study. You can go here to apply to work with us, and we can connect.